The World Needs “The Code of the West” Now More Than Ever

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praying hands

I am weary.

Weary of soul.

Weary of body.

Weary of the anger I see and feel everywhere I look.

Weary of feeling helpless and hopeless.

I am weary and raw.

After a few days of thought and prayer last week, I took the time to create a message for my readers through LIVE Facebook.

My goal was to keep it short and sweet, and I did, but I had to pause and control tears and emotion halfway through.

In the video, I shared that I would rather try, and make mistakes in the process, than stay silent.

I would rather open myself up to new conversations, new ways of thought, and possibly say the wrong thing than not attempt to make any change at all.

On Friday night I went to a prayer vigil held here in Casper, Wyoming.

There was silence and prayer.

And followed by a short walk, there was an opportunity to listen to speeches given by leaders in our community.

I drove home feeling SO proud of our Wyoming community.

Hundreds of people peacefully gathered for one purpose, with one message.

“Black Lives Matter”

As I drove home alone and in silence, I found myself thinking “Why is this so hard?”

I love Wyoming, and all that she is…the grit, the wind, the strength, and the vast open sky.

And I believe that The Cowboy is at the heart of what makes us great.

As I drove down our two-lane Hwy and turned on to our dirt road thinking about this idea of The Cowboy, I was reminded of “The Code of the West”.

As I thought more about this code of ethics adopted by our state a decade ago, I became more and more convinced that THIS is what we need to remember.

The Code of the West

 1.  Live each day with courage.
 2.  Take pride in your work.
 3.  Always finish what you start.
 4.  Do what has to be done.
 5.  Be tough, but fair.
 6.  When you make a promise, keep it.
 7.  Ride for the brand
 8.  Talk less, say more.
 9.  Remember that some things are not for sale.
10. Know where to draw the line.

If we could all pause, and truly take these 10 simple rules into our heart, and act on them each and every day…we can be the change the world needs.

code of the west

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2 thoughts on "The World Needs “The Code of the West” Now More Than Ever"

  1. Margi Kenny says:

    Great words and code. Margi

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