Wyo Sal: In Sickness and in Health

Posted September 1, 2016

I had never looked forward to a trip “home” more. Not for Packers-Bears, not for Brett Favre’s last playoff win against the Seahawks, not even for Mom’s surprise 75th birthday party or the cousins’ reunion she worked to organize for more than a year. For some reason, I felt a… Read More »

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A Whisper Is Like the Shadow of a Shout

Posted February 26, 2014

“A Whisper Is Like the Shadow of a Shout” This quote from self-published author Jarod Kintz really resonated with me when I read it. It totally captures the first step I took when I needed to discipline my stepchildren. Taking corrective action with “steps” is a tricky thing. You can’t… Read More »

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