Mommy Wars: Fact or Media Fiction

Posted September 30, 2016 by Prairie Wife -

Mommy Wars…It’s a term that’s been popping up in the media more and more frequently in the last few years.

They have always existed, just take a second to watch this hilarious video from the ladies of The Break Womb

Lately, it seems like Mommy Wars have escalated.

I think we can all agree that social media has allowed “trolls” to take their insults to a whole new level of mean.

The problem is, people feel comfortable typing things they would never say.

Also, it can be very difficult to tell what someone’s true intentions are when you can’t hear the tone of their voice or see their face…we’ve all misinterpreted at least one text or comment in our lives.

Do you think mommy wars are real?

Let us know in the comments, and then tune in today at 3pm MST to Lea Unleashed!

TallGirlJ and I will be talking LIVE with Lea about mommy wars, it’s going to be real and sure to be full of sass…will we still be friends afterwards?

You can click this link to listen to a recording of the show!


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