Do Men Prefer Debt Free Virgins Without Tattoos?

Posted July 27, 2018 by Prairie Wife -

Last week I came across this article about men preferring to marry debt free virgins without tattoos…and shared it on Facebook.

The response from my readers was overwhelming (over 100 comments as of now) and I knew this was a hot topic that I HAD to talk about.

Today I took to the airwaves on K2 radio and the resulting conversation was pretty lively…take a few minutes to listen/watch…

Am I off base?

Yes, of course some men DO prefer debt free virgins without tattoos, but that’s not what she said. There were SO many broad brush strokes, inaccurate generalizations, and just plain WRONG things in her post. I went to college and I can still cook and take care of my children. My husband did not have to spend YEARS reeducating me, just a few months.

I really tried hard to be polite and respectful of her view…but…it’s people like her that give Christianity a bad name!

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments, good or bad…I won’t delete the ones I don’t agree with 😉


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