A Different Kind of Book Review

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I’ve mentioned before that The Texan and I spend a huge amount of time in the car, travelling to and from the Texas coast nearly every weekend. Recently my husband had an incredible idea that was very out of character for him. The man who hasn’t read a book for fun since third grade suggested we purchase an audiobook for our next trip. When I asked him what genre he was thinking, he threw me for a loop again by suggesting something motivational, but it had to be humorous. I jumped onto iTunes and after previewing a few options, I purchased “Life Would Be Easy If It Weren’t for Other People.”

I didn’t have much hope for this experiment because The Texan and I have diverse interests, but we both loved it! In less than an hour you will be totally, emotionally re-energized by Connie Podesta, a motivational speaker, author, therapist, and comedienne all rolled into one. She even is a fellow blogger! I don’t know why I was surprised that she is a fellow Texan, but that probably explains why The Texan and I both felt like we were listening to a conversation with one of our friends as we drove down the road. You can tell this was recorded live during a business meeting, but it’s still relevant even if you’re not in the workplace or married or have children (some of the topics she hits on). Her discussion on the male and female brain was dead on. She talks about questions men hate to be asked [Spoiler alert: Does my butt look big in this did make the list ;)], the fact that we are attracted to people because of our weaknesses, how to deal with change, why you should never trust your children, and the secret to dealing with difficult people. Her words of wisdom range from “It takes the average man at least one hour to realize your not speaking (when you give him the silent treatment)” to “if your goal is to make your children happy, and they figure that out, you’ve handed them a loaded machine gun.”

She also asks two questions which are the key to success, happiness and wealth. After listening to this section, we laughed, hit pause, and actually had a deep conversation about the points she made. I can’t recommend this audiobook enough, and I’m already downloading “How to Be a Person Companies Fight to Keep” for this weekend’s trip. I’ll let you know if it works–LOL–and please let me know if you have any suggestions for a great audiobook both The Texan and I would like.

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5 thoughts on "A Different Kind of Book Review"

  1. Connie Podesta says:

    Hi there. It’s me–connie! I can’t tell you delighted I am that Big Tex and you loved my audiotape. My goal in life has always been to help people learn to help themselves. And enjoy life more along the way. Thanks for giving me rave reviews–and I know I’m going to love reading your blogs. You are definitely my kind of gal!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Welcome Connie! So glad you took the time to stop by PrairieWifeInHeels.com 🙂 After I read my sister’s review of your book, I added it to my Amazon.com wish list, I’ll be starting it soon.

  2. When I got the email with your comment my first and only thought was OMG! I wish it was something more eloquent, but it was such a thrilling surprise. I hope you don’t mind, but the PrairieWifeInHeels Twitter and Facebook pages are already all abuzz with your review of my review! You really do have a powerful message and a true gift for sharing your insight with laughter. Thanks for taking the time to check in with us and know you’re welcome anytime.

  3. Big Brother B says:

    Hi guys. Texan, I am glad you liked it, I always listen to audiobooks in the car, I think Dad recommended it back in the day. With all the driving you do for videoing games etc. I am surprised this is the first one. Since you know my background, and ed is usually not a big business overlap, do you think I’d like it? The last business book I read was “Business secrets of Attila the Hun” (really, good history in it).

    1. TX2Steppin' says:

      Brother B, I really think you would enjoy this one because it doesn’t focus on principles of business; more about principles of life. You will gain some new perspectives and new humor. Let us know what you think after you listen to it, and it is less than an hour long so you should be able to fit it in your schedule!

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