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Posted December 21, 2018 by TallGirlJ -

TallGirlJ here and I wanted to share a recent experience I had at Stirling Skincare Clinic.

All the gals in the office are phenomenal and SO friendly. Every appointment is like going to visit your bestie!

I have already tried a few different procedures with them and I was recently able to experience a lash lift AND tint.

The lash lift is by far my favorite treatment I have received! 

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes.


They glue a rod to your top lashes and then apply a perm serum to curl them.

You can watch this video to see the entire process.


It was incredibly easy. The longest part of the process was making sure to get your top lashes separate and straight, as well as keeping the bottom lashes out.

Once your eyelashes are in the exact place they need to be, the perm serum is applied followed by a conditioner.

All of this is painless and quick.

Once the solutions have set long enough, it is time to clean the lashes and remove the products. I loved that I could instantly see the results and enjoy my curled lashes! I have notoriously sensitive eyes and I am happy to report that they were not irritated and red for hours afterward as I feared.

I also had a tint applied to my lashes after my lift.

This was incredibly easy and the results were amazing…in fact, I would totally go in weekly (if needed) for this part.

To tint your lashes, Rachel smothers your eyelids in Vaseline and then coats the lashes in black dye.

We chatted while we let the dye sit and BAM instant look of nice dark lifted lashes!

I must note, I have lighter natural lashes, they arent naturally black. I would say they are more of a dark brown. Keep this in mind, if you naturally have dark lashes, a tint probably isn’t needed.

stirling skin care lash lift

Let’s get down to the upkeep.

The good news is, it’s pretty easy!

The main rule is no mascara, getting them wet or being around steam (think boiling water over the stove…darn looks like no cooking tonight) for 24 hours. That is it!!

Lash lift results last typically for 6-8 weeks, and for some people, the results stay for up to 12 weeks.

I use a lash growth serum and asked if it’s OK to continue to use it. They said I can keep using it, but it CAN relax the lift a bit and make the results only last 6 weeks.

The cost for a lash lift at Stirling Skin Care is $65.00. It is an additional $10 if you choose a tint.

I personally found this to be totally reasonable, and the results are totally worth it!! I’m so excited I’ll be starting the new year with these lush lashes 😉

This is one of my top 5 favorite beauty trends, I think EVERYONE should try it 🙌

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