Workout Makeup?!

Posted August 28, 2017

Yup, you read that correctly! There is now makeup that is specifically made to wear at the gym. Before you roll your eyes and move on, let me share with you a few thoughts. First, I get it. No really….I don’t work out at the gym and I’m an old… Read More »

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Prairie Wives vs. Pinterest: Beauty Episode

Posted March 18, 2016

Hey readers, sorry about the delay…you’ve been asking for this video ever since we posted our Prairie Wives vs. Pinterest: Holiday Episode…but things have been a bit crazy for us and some big changes have been going on. But finally, we were all able to get together and try out… Read More »

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Summer Beauty Finds

Posted August 18, 2014

This summer an Ulta opened in our town…the first in the state of Wyoming! This of course resulted in a little bit of a shopping spree, bad news for the bank account but good news for you my readers! I have a few new Summer beauty products to share with… Read More »

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