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Texas Two Steppin’ (TTS): First tell us a bit about you and your family…

Texas Skin Savior (TSS): I am a 35-year-old mother of two wild and dirty boys, housewife, secretary, entrepreneur, referee, maid, chef, laundry lady…I am sure my three “boys” could come up with a few more adjectives! My hubby and I have a busy landscaping business, and I am a consultant for Rodan + Fields®. I love my kids, my hard working husband and my little side biz. It changed my life, my skin, my personality and my attitude for the better!

TTS: Full disclosure to our readers, I am a loyal customer of yours and will be writing upcoming blogs on certain products that have changed my life (truly!). After using R+F for a few months, I recommended them to Prairie Wife, and she became a customer, too. But how were you introduced to these products?

TSS: I suffered from melasma (a.k.a. pregnancy mask).  If you are not familiar with this condition, it is a brown, splotchy mark that creeps around your eyes and down around your mouth and covers your cheeks. I had exhausted all possibilities that the department store had to offer when a friend called me and asked me if I had heard of Rodan + Fields. The product junky in me couldn’t order it fast enough!

PW: I just have to say that I can totally relate! I started using Rodan+Fields when my rosacea continued to worsen with each pregnancy, not to mention the bags under my eyes! Like a true big sister Texas Two Steppin’ came to my rescue. When I called to ask for advice she sent me right to Katy…I couldn’t be happier with the results.

TTS: What led you to the decision to get more involved and sell these products?

TSS: Well, I am kind of a dive-right-in girl, so when my friend shared with me that this company was created by the doctors who created Proactiv® I knew immediately that the products would be great and that the company was young and fresh. The timing was right for me as I was looking for something that would allow me to contribute to my family’s bottom line but not interrupt my role with Odiorne Landscaping or take time away from my boys!

TTS: To many people, “sales” is a dirty word, so what are the benefits of participating in this type of business model? Is the perception that you are basically running your own business accurate?

TSS: Absolutely! When you take the plunge, so to speak, you immediately become a business owner and part of a team. We like to say we are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. “Sales” and especially “Direct Sales” often times are perceived as negative, but Rodan + Fields and its independent consultants are determined to change that. I feel so blessed to have the pleasure of working with such a professional company and the caliber of people it is attracting as consultants. I don’t appreciate pushy salesmanship and certainly don’t operate that way.

TTS: Now, be honest with us…what are some of your challenges or misconceptions that you have to overcome?

TSS: Well my absolute favorite misconception is “Is this one of those pyramid schemes?” And my response is always (insert sarcasm)”Yes, because after these doctors created Proactiv they decided to attach their good name to a pyramid scheme!” But for me the biggest challenge has been getting out of my own way, putting myself out there and not worrying what people think. In doing this, I have gained more confidence than I have ever had before, and the personal growth I have experienced has been the greatest blessing of all.

TTS: What things should others consider when they are looking into this type of effort?

TSS: I think you should always follow your heart and your head…so choose an opportunity that intrigues and inspires you. With a direct sales opportunity you get to choose who you work with, your hours of operation and what type of products you want to attach yourself to. For me, I am not a skincare expert and I have business partners who are not skincare junkies (like me 🙂 ) but we all have a common goal, We want more for our future, we want to dream bigger and in the process help others achieve their goals and dreams. Oh, and we want incredible skin (BONUS for us!!)

TTS:  OK, now’s your chance to give us one wonderful or unusual skin tip you have learned and any final Prairie Wife words of wisdom that we just shouldn’t live without.

TSS: Well my skincare tip would be…EYECREAM! If you are not using it now GET SOME! It is the one thing I cannot live without! Use it when you hit that 3 p.m., I am going to fall asleep standing up while talking to my boss slump! It will rejuvenate you and may just give you that twinkle back in your eye! My words of wisdom for mothers of daughters (and sons) is to teach them to take care of their skin now. Be mindful of the sun and the damage it can do and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wear your sunscreen!!

Texas Skin Savior, a.k.a. Katy Odiorne, will be monitoring comments the next week—here’s your chance to get answers to your skin care questions. If she doesn’t know the answer; she’ll be sure to get one from her network of professional resources! Remember, Texas Two Steppin’ and Prairie Wife do use Rodan + Fields products but began using them years before they even discussed writing a blog. We have not been paid or reimbursed in any way for the recommendation and review posted above. Our degrees are in communications and education, not dermatology, so please always consult a professional in the medical field before changing your skin routine.

For our readers with more questions about Melasma here is a link that we like the best!]


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3 thoughts on "Prairie Wife of the Week November 15, 2013"

  1. Lizzi says:

    Thanks for sharing! I was just talking to PW the other day and telling her about my lovely brown spots that are appearing on my usually even (fair) skin! I am 6 mo. pregnant and have been enjoying the great outdoors! The consequences have been lovely blotches of brown, I can’t remember what PW said it was, whatever it is, it’s NOT cool! I have started using a stronger SPF . My OB said that I can use a bleaching cream after the baby arrives but who really wants to bleach their skin!?! PW also mentioned that you sell a product that can help! So long story short, PLEASE HELP me! :))

    1. katy says:

      Hey Lizzie!
      You fun new little friend is called Melasma or pregnancy mask! I dealt with it thru both my pregnancies and yes I can help! Please email me your contact info and we can chat! My email is
      talk soon,

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