Preventive Mastectomy: 8 Years Later

Posted April 25, 2024

8 years later… It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a decade since I underwent my Preventive Mastectomy! While this is technically only the “anniversary” of the first of three surgeries that were part of this process, I think the first step was the hardest. When I looked… Read More »

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Prairie Wife Virtual Book Club: April 2024

Posted April 2, 2024

It’s time to announce our book for the Prairie Wife Virtual Book Club: April 2024 This monthly Virtual Book Club is all thanks to Wind City Books, an Indie Bookstore in Downtown Casper, Wyoming. Miranda from Wind City Books can ship you our book club book WHEREVER YOU LIVE, so please use the… Read More »

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“It’s My 42nd Birthday” #giveaway

Posted March 28, 2024

It’s my 42nd birthday! Like most 42-year-olds who are also mothers, I currently have multiple kids participating in multiple sports. This means we aren’t doing anything particularly special to mark the occasion. So, I thought it would be fun to celebrate my birthday with a giveaway—a chance for YOU to… Read More »

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Behind The Blog: Creating Form Emails

Posted March 22, 2024

Creating form emails and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) is one of the top 10 best uses of your time as a small business owner! Creating a few form emails right from the start is a good idea when starting a business. This will simplify your life and allow… Read More »

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