ADHD Part 3: What’s Worked for Us

Posted January 7, 2015

If you are just reading my ADHD posts for the first time I encourage you to start by reading ADHD Part 1: Pre-Diagnosis and ADHD Part 2: The Diagnosis. Although medicine can help a child who truly has ADHD (especially during school hours) stay focused, it doesn’t make life perfect!… Read More »

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ADHD Part 2: The Diagnosis

Posted December 13, 2014

This is Part 2 of my ADHD journey with my son. Take a moment to read ADHD Part 1: Pre Diagnosis if you haven’t read it already! I made the soonest available appointment with Leslie, the woman recommended to me by my son’s teacher. She is an amazing board certified… Read More »

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ADHD Part 1: Pre-Diagnosis

Posted December 1, 2014

My son is and always has been a wonderful, funny, loving, smart and amazing kiddo. My love for him is unconditional. But, like any parent child relationship we’ve had struggles, and perhaps more challenges than many. I first noticed something was a little different with NiñoZ when he was about… Read More »

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