Mexican Street Corn Salad

Posted June 11, 2024

One of my new favorite foods is Mexican Street Corn. I first tried it when Rosie’s Cantina (located in Downtown Glenrock, Wyoming, in the Higgins Hotel) began to serve it as part of its menu. It is delicious, but it’s also incredibly messy to eat and make. This Mexican Street… Read More »

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What I’m Wearing: Spring 2024

Posted May 16, 2024

While I love clothes, fashion, and following trends, I am not a “fashionista.” I couldn’t care less about brand names or labels. If I like how something looks on me, I will buy it and wear it. What I’m wearing in Spring 2024 is mostly about comfort, and with Wyoming’s… Read More »

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2 Week Meal Plan For A Large Family

Posted May 10, 2024

Many people have asked me to share a two-week meal plan for a large family, and I apologize for taking so long to write this post! The truth is, I don’t really “meal plan”. It’s more of an “I’ve been cooking for 5 kids for so long that now I… Read More »

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