Going on Vacation with a Budget

Posted December 31, 2014

The first week of December The Cowboy and I surprised the kids and CowGranny with a week long trip to Florida. There were several reasons we went the surprise route. First and foremost The Cowboy loves a good surprise so, he had CowGranny booked for the week and thinking she… Read More »

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2015 New Year’s Resolutions Roundup

Posted December 29, 2014

Texas Two Steppin’: I always like to start my resolutions by seeing how well I did with the previous year’s listing. I’m pleased to say that I achieved them all, and I owe that in great part to y’all–there’s nothing like having thousands of readers to keep you honest and… Read More »

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An Unexpected Few Weeks

Posted December 22, 2014

I am the first to admit that I am super anal and regimented. I blame it on being a single mother of four kids (almost five) five days a week. After all, if I’m not on top of everything it can all fall apart and turn into utter chaos so… Read More »

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Winter Beauty Must Haves

Posted December 17, 2014

Winter is officially here in Wyoming, and with it comes my dry patch skin. This week I wanted to share a few tried and true products I’ve used for years to help sooth my dry skin, as well as few new things I just can’t live without! From left to… Read More »

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