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Posted July 19, 2017 by Prairie Wife - 40 comments

I think that this may be one of the coolest giveaways ever…seriously.

But, before I get into the details let’s go back to this post.

Our regular readers will recall that I planned to complete a Summer purge followed by my first ever time having a professional housecleaner come to my home.

Ihappy cleaning‘m proud to say that I met my purging goals. Every single room in the house, including the bathrooms, was purged. Every item that stayed was deemed useful and/or loved by at least two family members. Even The Cowboy got in on the action and helped me clean under our bed…something that has never been done!

I was nervous to have a house cleaner come over for a variety of reasons. It helped that I knew Kayleen from her work at Shawn Rivett Designs and I knew that if she could meet Shawn’s borderline OCD standards (he’d agree with me on this trust me) she’d be more than acceptable at my house.

I felt silly asking her exactly what I needed to do to help her do her job efficiently but I truly had no idea how this whole professional cleaner thing works.

Truth is it’s pretty dang easy on my end.

I just needed to make sure that the house was picked up and that the dishes were put away so she could clean the sink.

microwveKayleen brought her own cleaning supplies and since I know her well, after I walked her through the house we waved goodbye, and she and her crew got to work.

Readers, I may be ruined for life.

My house was absolutely spotless, and I mean spotless.

Kayleen did a deep cleaning and got all the dusting, windows, counters, toilets, showers, floors, microwave…even our pellet stove shining! Beds were perfectly made, and the kids’ stuffed animals were lined up in sweet rows.

The rugs were vacuumed (and yes she moved them) and even the knife stand on the counter was wiped down. Not a single detail was missed.

boys roomWhen The Cowboy walked in the house he took one look at it and then turned and looked at me…

I knew I was in trouble now that he had been reminded what a beautifully cleaned house looked like. His standards have definitely been raised!

The cost of the first house cleaning from Kayleen’s Cleaning depends on the size of your home but averages around $150. Kayleen comes over takes a look at your home, talks to you about your expectations, and then let’s you know what she will do for the agreed upon price.

Following that first deep clean, a weekly cleaning averages around $85. Once again, the cost depends on the size of your home and your expectations. If she is traveling to Glenrock she adds on $15 to cover gas and driving time.

While having Kayleen’s Cleaning come every week is honestly not in our budget I WILL be having her come again when we have guests coming to stay or a big event!

Which reminds me…

clean showerKayleen’s Cleaning is available for one time cleanings (like what I had) and after party clean up. You can also book her as a gift for a friend or family member. When she told me about this service I immediately thought of some new moms I know…and what a wonderful gift for someone who has recently fallen sick or is fighting cancer. It would be simple for a group of friends to each donate $15 or $20 each towards her services!

Now for what you’ve been waiting for…the #giveaway!

Kayleen’s Cleaning had generously offered a FREE house cleaning to one lucky reader. Sadly this is only open to our local Casper and Glenrock readers but, I think you’ll agree it’s still pretty amazing!

All you HAVE to do is follow this link and LIKE Kayleen’s Cleanings Facebook page and comment below with why you want to win this #giveaway. You can earn more points towards the giveaway by entering using the Rafflecopter form below.

I can’t wait to read all your comments!

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40 thoughts on "Kayleen’s Cleaning #giveaway"

  1. Karen Loghry says:

    It would be wonderful to have my entire house cleaned. I have health issues that stop me from accomplishing all the cleaning that needs done. Thank you!

  2. Amanda Parsons says:

    Twin 15 year old boys, 11 year old daughter, husband and two dogs!

  3. Alyssa L says:

    Honestly because I absolutely loathe cleaning bathrooms and have too many!! It would be fabulous to have deep cleaned bathrooms!

  4. Heidi Foy says:

    Thanks for the referral!! <3

  5. Kirsten Gorda says:

    I would love to win this because I had a hysterectomy, yesterday. I could most definitely use the help during the 6 week recovery. Thank you!

  6. Bonnie Tiller says:

    Single mom for another 7 months! Help cleaning is like finding Gold!!

  7. Erin says:

    I’d love to win this #giveaway because a clean house would be a great way to start the school year!

  8. Wyosas says:

    Would so love a deep clean on my 3 bathrooms and kitchen. Have been looking for someone for just one time without success.

  9. Bennie says:

    Wish I lived closer – would she want to come to Connecticut? I could use her after my big move. 😉

  10. Molly Wartenbee says:

    Would love to have my house deep cleaned!! Then all I have to do is keep up on it and spend more time with the family!

  11. Annie Graham says:

    I need help getting my house back in order – busy life and kids!!! GAAAHHHHH!!!

  12. Amanda Vignaroli says:

    Oh what a wonderful thing a free cleaning would be! My husband and I have been working full time and I’m finishing a doctorate degree. We have been so busy since getting married last year. Its been a dream for us to have someone come clean taking some stress out of the picture!

  13. I would LOVE to win a home cleaning! I am pregnant with number 4, spend a ton of time in Denver for my second sons medical needs and I’m exhausted. I can barely find time to clean myself. Haha!!

  14. Karen Szewczyk says:

    My house needs a makeover…

  15. Sarah says:

    One word: Toddler.

  16. Bobbi says:

    I’d love to win his #giveaway for my mom who lives in Glenrock. She’s a very hardworking lady who rarely gets a day to herself. I know she’s love to have her house be clean all the time, and sadly with my fathers illness and all the extra she does to help with my sisters daughter AND be a teacher, I think she definitely deserves it! Hopefully my mama can get some pampering with this giveaway!

  17. Erin says:

    Ooo! I totally NEED to win this free cleaning! Been in our new house for a year and would love to have it back to new! 🙂

  18. Heather Beebout says:

    I would like to have my house cleaned because I have never had someone do it other than myself and it is something I have been considering for nearly a year! #pickme!pickme!

  19. Jaime says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win this?!? 4 kids (5 if you count hubby ), full time working mom, country living, livestock…need I say more? Maybe I could finally catch up on laundry if someone cleaned my house for me, ha ha!

  20. Georgia says:

    I would love to win this! I’ve never had a house cleaner and think it would be amazing to have the treat!

  21. Joyce says:

    Would love the motivation to do a massive purge… and this may be just the thing! It’s on my to do list before school starts and it would be awesome to have a fresh start when we hit the ground running in the fall. 🙂

  22. Jillian Riddle says:

    Thanks for a recommendation/review… I have hired someone to help with my home before, but she moved away. I need help pulling my house together!!

  23. Jenny says:

    What a blessing it would be to have deep cleaning after having our third baby.

  24. My husband has been asking me to have this done for years and I’ve been too proud to pay someone when I can do it myself. However, lately I’ve had no time to truly deep clean with an 18 month old with separation anxiety and two huge black labs! Would LOVE this.

  25. Sarah Wilhelm says:

    I just finished nursing school and my poor house has been neglected! Two years of school with two kids, a husband, and a dog makes for a cluttered house. I would love the help! Thanks!

  26. Rebecca says:

    I love reading your blogs but to win this makes it even better!!! I didn’t know about her cleaning business. I have never had a professional house cleaning before but man could I use it. Every week we have our youth discipleship there and every week I never have time to deep clean. I say it’s ok they understand that our house is well loved and well lived in. Sure would be nice to win something like this maybe then I could keep up with the weekly grime lol.

  27. Sara Garland says:

    I can’t even remember what a spotless house looks like….I need this to remember 🙂

  28. Dannie Leeper says:

    I would love to spend that time with my family and come home to an immaculate house! Less work equals a happy mama!

  29. Michele says:

    Wow! Your house looks awesome!!! Now I’m looking at my dirty floors that need a good mopping!

  30. Michele says:

    Wow! Your house looks awesome!!! Now I’m looking at my dirty floors that need a good mopping!

  31. Kyleen Braxton says:

    A free housecleaning sure got my attention! I want this because I am a busy working mom and I do t have time to do deep cleaning. My house really needs this!

  32. Lindsay Rickert says:

    I don’t have a sad story or super good reason other than who doesn’t love to come home to a house that’s been professionally cleaned top to bottom, to plop down on the couch put my feet up and take it all in, the fresh clean scent, the freshly dusted tables the…Wait, WHAT would that even be like???? I Wouldn’t know! It would be something from a fairytale though!!! Full time working mom + run a makeup biz + post social media ads for a realator + mom of 4 + Dog+ cat + hardworking husband who’s only job is to go to work. YA I could use it!!!

  33. Stephanie says:

    Working Mom with two littles…who has time to deep clean?!

  34. Kandi says:

    I am a busy working mom and I never get to the deep cleaning that needs done because I am always running kids somewhere.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, we are on the tail end of a terribly busy season and it would bless my whole family to win this and have a relaxed mother, because that is how I always feel when the house is epic and span.

  36. Kortney says:

    Would looove this! I’m so terrible at deep cleaning.:( With a toddler and baby #2 on the way I’m even worse and have no energy to clean! Would be amazing to have a nice clean house before baby comes!

  37. Tanya Spargur says:

    I just recently moved into a different house could use a good cleaning

  38. Melissa says:

    I love kayleen! She is so amazing!

  39. Tanya says:

    I just recently moved into a different house could use a good cleaning

  40. Scott says:

    I work all the time and could really use the help

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